Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trip to Michigan

We made it to Michigan and back all in one piece!  What a great trip - we spent lots of time with family and friends, didn't run into any bad weather, introduced Jared to Frankenmuth, celebrated with Amy and Brian with a baby shower, and had safe travels.  Here are some highlights:

 playing with grandma, grandpa, and the dogs


Amy and I at her shower - somehow I way bigger but 2 weeks behind her...

Best purchase:  the dvd player for the van.  We swore several months ago that we would never buy one for our vehicle, but when faced with almost 2 days in the car both ways with a small child, we crumbled in fear.  It ended up being a lifesaver - we only used it when it was the end of the day and we really needed to put in another hour on the road and Timothy had had enough.  We listened through the baby signing videos several times, but it was much better than the alternative of Timothy whining.  Next time we go to Michigan, we will have 2 small passengers in carseats, not just one...crazy to think about!


  1. It's that whole second kid thing...they show faster and bigger since the first one already stretched everything once. You look great by the way, and yay for having cousins so close!

  2. Thanks Jayme! I went this morning and found out that I am measuring large and feeling "squishy." My doctor thinks I am just carrying extra fluid like I did with Timothy, so we have an ultrasound next week to make sure. You are right about the second time around - I really enjoyed the fact that my muscles didn't ache as they stretched like last least not yet. :)