Friday, October 31, 2014

A friendly game

This was a few nights ago and probably the last game of bare footed soccer for the season...

Timothy's strategy is to run full speed into his father and get tangled up in his legs until the ball comes out the other side.  :)

Happy Halloween 2014

Why hello, it has been awhile.  :)

We have been just a little busy and I kinda forgot about posting pictures for a few weeks there...I have some catching up to do!  First things first, it is halloween, so halloween pictures first.

Jared used his art degree today...

Timmy wanted to go to as a dinosaur this year!  It was a good thing that I made his costume pieces that fit over his coat, because it was 35 degrees when we drove past the bank when we started and it was 29 degrees when we drove home.  Brrr!

I found tutorials to make the hat and tail (here and here if you want to make them for your own dinosaur).  I made little feet to strap on over his shoes (he specifically requested stomping feet) but he ended up not wanting to wear them.

Chasing daddy...