Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more pictures

The most recent ultrasound pictures are up (thanks to Jared for scanning them in) in our picasa account. Check them out! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Staying cool...

So I realize that I use cat pictures, but she provides a fair amount of our entertainment these days, especially with Oscar moving to Michigan to live with my parents for the year. I am happy to report that with all of our changes recently, we have reached a point of settling in our lives. The apartment is unpacked, jobs are starting (Jared is starting at IT on campus tomorrow and I am all ready for nannying), I am actually cooking dinner again after a 2 week break, the last of vicarage is done other than picking up his last paycheck, and the internet is up and running! We are eagerly awaiting for a break in the weather to start taking advantage of Forest Park and all of the beautiful neighborhoods for walking...

There are several updates in picasa...photos from the youth gathering and new apartment are up. Tomorrow the latest ultrasound pictures should be up too (Jared needs to scan them in). We are planning on putting more apartment pictures up, but we need to take them first. Overall, the place looks pretty good, just a corner of boxes in the office area, a small pile by the back door to take downstairs, and a funky fishy smell coming from behind the fridge that we noticed this morning. We haven't quite figured out what it is...hoping that something hasn't died back there...

I am hoping that as things settle here the blog will be updated more often. I am sure that as classes start for Jared and I start nannying (or maybe teaching - interview coming up on Thursday night!) there will be lots to tell. The growing belly will for sure provide for entertaining reading. Speaking of which, the belly has definitely popped as the little man grows. My belly button is quickly disappearing and I have been forced to use my belly band with any non-maternity bottoms. Everything went well at the last appointment and he is right on track to arrive in early December. My next appointment is Aug. 11th and we start a 6 week labor and delivery/childcare/breastfeeding class sometime in September...things are moving quickly! That's it for tonight...more tomorrow...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a BOY!

Yes, it is official, Jared and I are having a boy. We went for our ultrasound and appointment with the new doctor and everything went well. I had fears of an uncooperative child, but he was swimming around with everything in plain site, including all 10 fingers and 10 toes. We haven't had time to post the pictures yet, but sometime after we get back from the youth gathering we will get them up. It will also be easier when we aren't using Borders as our internet host, but get our own installed. :)

The move went well...we had to dump the couch though. It wouldn't fit through the front or back doors, so it found itself propped up to a dumpster. At some point in the near future we are going to purchase a futon that we can take apart and move piece by piece through any small doorway we may encounter in the future.

Youth Gathering pictures will come soon too...we are hoping for internet at our hotel in New Orleans, but we will see.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

mommy's little helper

My apologies for taking so long getting another update...it has been a busy month! Jared's last services are this weekend, we are moving on Monday, getting ready to go to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering next Friday, and I worked for 2 weeks as a candidate at the before mentioned job and decided that it wasn't for me. I am looking forward to working as a nanny and substitute teaching until the baby comes. It has worked out rather well, because I have lots of time to work around the house and pack things in an organized fashion...we will see how the kitchen goes on Saturday...

Speaking of the baby...everything is going well so far. I have finally "popped" and I feel more pregnant and less "boy, she has gained a lot of weight around the middle." :) I am making it more dramatic than it is, but I am sure that has to do with the amount of hormones surging through my body.

Our next appointment is Wednesday, July 14th. This will be our first appointment with the new doctor in St. Louis and includes an ultrasound. :) Yes, we are finding out the gender as long as the baby cooperates and allows us a peek. One of us is going to have a lot of learning ahead of us as Jared comes from a family of all boys and I come from a family of all girls. But that's ok. We are too excited about the idea of narrowing the potential name list down to one gender that it really doesn't matter if we end on the blue or pink team.