Thursday, May 21, 2015


Timmy is so happy that the weather is warmer.  I think we need to raise the net...

Daddy has been assisting with the offensive skill development...

But defense still needs some help.  :)

Butterfly Friends

After receiving a butterfly kit from his cousin for Christmas, Timmy finally got caterpillars in the mail.  Every time he saw the box in the closet he wanted to get his "new friends" and I had to explain that we needed to wait until the snow melted and the air warmed.  The only hiccup in the process was the holdup in the mail; he had to watch an extra couple of days before they eventually got to our house.  We had great fun watching them grow and eventually hang from the lid.

We transferred them to the netted cage and waited...

And welcomed 4 of the 5 butterflies into our yard yesterday (one is still hanging in their chrysalis).  These are Painted Lady butterflies that come with the kit.  I couldn't get a picture through the netting, but Timmy really enjoyed watching their "tongues" unroll and drink from the orange slice we fed them.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and Signs of Spring

Saturday morning we headed over to the Egg Scramble that our town puts on.  So impressed that he was smiling despite crying his eyes out 10 minutes previously because the Easter bunny got a little too close.  :)  I have no aspirations for a happy santa or bunny picture with this kid ever.  

Our lilac bushes are loaded with blooms!  I am praying for no deep freezes in the coming weeks, a very real danger for our area so we can enjoy our bushes after waiting for 3 years!  All of the lilies are several inches high, bushes are all leafing out, and the rhubarb is a good 8 inches tall.

Post egg dying...playing with some baking soda and mixing colors.

Egg hunt in the backyard following church.  Everyone indulged in our annual Easter afternoon nap.  It got really warm here and Timmy spent the rest of the afternoon digging holes in the garden.  Only a couple more weeks and we will be planting.  :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Timmy's March

This pretty much sums up anything really interesting that has been happening in our house.  Jared is in the midst of Lent services at church; I haven't been up to much other than dishes, laundry, and trying to purge a little as the spring cleaning itch has hit.  Timmy leads a much more entertaining life...

"School" - Timmy inherited an old school desk from his cousin Cole and likes to pretend to do school. He could really care less about coloring, but loves a good dot-to-dot, maze, or matching game.  I am disappointed to announce that I think he has decided on a hand and it is not his left.

"Trains" - lots and lots of train this month.

"Milk" - He has been transitioning night time pump drips to the daytime.  We are up to 3 8oz servings a day, which means he is only getting 12 oz at night, which means Jared and I are sleeping through the night for the first time in 4 years.  It has been life changing!

"Stickers" - what little boy doesn't love tractor stickers?

"Dirt" - We are thankful for warming temperatures, long times of fresh air, the bathtub, and quick bedtimes.

"Dirt and Worms" - He names all of his new friends Wormy.

"Narwhal Hunting" - He is on a narwhal kick.  He also sings songs as he sails in his boat.  I think he would make a perfect sea captain.

"More Dirt" - There are no plants in the garden yet, but Timmy is taking up tilling the entire plot by hand very seriously.  And I am doing more laundry.  :)