Monday, March 6, 2017

Be My Neighbor, Blocks 3 and 4

Block 3

This is without the appliqu├ęd mailbox opening and bird. I just haven't gotten around to the opening and the birds on this quilt I think I want to look like actual birds.  I am still toying with the idea, so more on that later.

Block 4
This one seems really plain to me, so something may appear on the right side.  We will have to see once it is all together!

Winter Break

 Last weekend, we had the chance for a quick trip to Bismarck to meet up with Jared's family.  We had tons of fun and hours of pool play.  Poolside rooms and a table on the deck meant a pretty stress free time and no lugging pool stuff back and forth from our rooms.  It also meant hearing arcade games all night, but a quick room change helped everyone get better rest on night two.

The big kids spent most of their time doing this:

The little kids spent most of their time being cute:

We even had lots of fun outside of the water.

It was also a welcomed break for the really big kids too.  ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Little Boys

Ben got his first haircut this week.

I miss the curls.

I don't miss brushing it out of his eyes and washing food out of those long strands after every meal.

He also got his top two teeth this week!

I haven't seen much of Timothy lately...the weather has been not so arctic, so he has been spending lots of time outside.  Between school and early bedtimes to make school work, I miss my big boy!

Be My Neighbor, Block 1 and 2

I came across the Be My Neighbor quilt along (it is put out by Moda) this past fall and just thought it was cute.  I had scored a half yard bundle of fabric (Farmhouse) from my local quilt shop's clearance room at 50% off and I was itching to cut into it.  It seems to be a good match so far, after I threw in a few more coordinating greens that were absent in my bundle.  I haven't followed a pattern like this in a long time, so it is a refreshing exercise of accurate piecing, aka my seam ripper has been used.  :)

Block 1
(18"x 18")

Block 2
(15" x 18")

I picked up my patterns here, if you are interested or want to peek at the finished quilt!
Here is a link to a wrap up they did just a few days ago featuring so many that were completed during the given time frame.