Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Timmy's March

This pretty much sums up anything really interesting that has been happening in our house.  Jared is in the midst of Lent services at church; I haven't been up to much other than dishes, laundry, and trying to purge a little as the spring cleaning itch has hit.  Timmy leads a much more entertaining life...

"School" - Timmy inherited an old school desk from his cousin Cole and likes to pretend to do school. He could really care less about coloring, but loves a good dot-to-dot, maze, or matching game.  I am disappointed to announce that I think he has decided on a hand and it is not his left.

"Trains" - lots and lots of train this month.

"Milk" - He has been transitioning night time pump drips to the daytime.  We are up to 3 8oz servings a day, which means he is only getting 12 oz at night, which means Jared and I are sleeping through the night for the first time in 4 years.  It has been life changing!

"Stickers" - what little boy doesn't love tractor stickers?

"Dirt" - We are thankful for warming temperatures, long times of fresh air, the bathtub, and quick bedtimes.

"Dirt and Worms" - He names all of his new friends Wormy.

"Narwhal Hunting" - He is on a narwhal kick.  He also sings songs as he sails in his boat.  I think he would make a perfect sea captain.

"More Dirt" - There are no plants in the garden yet, but Timmy is taking up tilling the entire plot by hand very seriously.  And I am doing more laundry.  :)