Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun

Timothy has been so excited for Halloween.  I think he is getting old enough to really understand some of what is going on and enjoyed the anticipation (aka asking us 8-12 times per day if Halloween has come for the past 2 weeks).  So much so that he is all ready to do it over again.  He was a little disappointed when I told him not until next year.  :)

He and daddy carved the big pumpkin on Wednesday night...

And then he painted the little pumpkin today.  You can also tell that I taught piano lessons by the sticker on Timothy's face.   Stickers are Timothy's favorite part of my lessons.

Super Timmy!  My awesome friend Gina made the cape a few weeks ago for Timothy and I whipped up a mask this week.  At first he didn't want to wear it, but we told him that he needed to wear his mask or people wouldn't put candy in his bucket.  He happily wore it for the rest of the night.  Ha!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Almost 3

It is hard to believe that our little helper is almost 3.  But he is!

We had a beautiful Friday and Timothy was a great help when it came to destroying his father's leaf pile.  :)

He followed that up with helping with the dishes...and washing half of the kitchen, too!

We had our latest feeding clinic appointment in Sioux Falls this past week.  Timothy is now 28 lbs, 11 oz, and 34.5 inches, which the team was pleased with and everything else looked great, too.   We are going to keep pushing the eating and dairy products specifically to see how he does with them between now and his next appointment in January.  (My hope is to get off of the medical food formula he is on now and switch to something a little easier to obtain).

I made it through my first craft show, thanks to my mother in law for helping man the booth and the many friends that stopped by and purchased something.  I sold quite a few things, but I have a LOT left over.  I have most of it listed on Facebook right now and things are starting to sell.  Yay for a big trip to the post office on Monday!  :)  

No news on our adoption, just waiting.  The combination of seeing a newborn at church this morning and singing one of the hymns from Evelyn's funeral proved to be too much.  I shed a few tears, doubtful that people really knew why.  But our organist must have seen me and came up after church and said that hymn makes her cry since the funeral, too.  I cried some more...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Thus Far

This month is moving way too are the highlights, or at least things I have gotten a picture of. :)

Football with popcorn and daddy while the weather is crummy...

and some special pictures too.  :)  Jared has his iphone setup where I get all of his pictures on our photostream.  And I find special treats like the following...

Craft time with tissue paper and contact paper...

Superhero in training...
and with no pants on because he is also potty training...

We have been doing lots of baking which Timothy helps whenever I dare to bake when he is awake :)

Anyone see a mini Jared in this one?

It is nice to see Jared back at work too...

My first craft show is coming up next weekend, so I'll post some pics as I finish up my stockpile.  I am keeping my fingers cross that I get some of it sold...the profits are going towards the adoption fund.  We have another $6,000 to go before everything is paid for.  No news on the adoption yet, but the time is okay right now as we continue to stash what we can away.  Our goal is to pay for it without borrowing, and we have done it so far.  It is amazing to know that we have just 1/3 of the cost left!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Michigan Trip, Part 4

Our last day with my parents we spent at Greenfield Village.  It was a beautiful day and the park was next to empty because it was a weekday after the main tourist season finished.  

Don't ask me what my son was doing...

The turkeys loved strollers because they know there are usually cheerios and sippy cups to enjoy...

Timothy really enjoyed watching the train whenever we came across it.

The flowers were still really pretty!

And Timothy got his 3rd carousel ride for the year (and his life).  :)  This one really cooked and Jared had to watch him as he was constantly sliding off the seat.

It was the last day of soft serve in the Village and they needed to get rid of the inventory, so it was free soft serve for everyone!  Timothy really enjoyed his scoop,

but made sure to take care of papa too.  Open wide!

We finished up the afternoon with a ride around the park on the train.  The next morning we started the drive home, happy to have a wonderful trip and visit!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Michigan Trip, Part 3

Here is the next installment!  We came down from the U.P. and spent a day on Mackinac Island.  Blue kitty was very excited about the big boat ride (as opposed to a canoe on the lake).  :)

The weather was perfect.  So was the architecture and history.

We climbed the hill check out the fort.  Wrong way there kiddo...

Not perfect, but better. :)

We also took the carriage ride around the island to see the sights.  Timothy loved this part.

And Timothy made sure the seagulls got there exercise.

And yes, my mom was present on the trip...I realized that most of the time my dad pushed the stroller, so he ends up being in more pictures!

We headed back to my parents' house and played with the awesome train set.  Timothy loved this too.

One more installment...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Michigan Trip, Part 2

Ready for some picture overload?  Good.  :)

Our first stop was Mackinaw City where we toured the fort on the shores of Lake Michigan...

and visited the park on the other side of the bridge and threw rocks into Lake Huron.

Where there is rocks and water, my son will be...

Then we crossed the bridge,

which Timothy missed,

and went to the Soo and saw some ships going through the locks.

The next day, which had perfect weather, we went to the lighthouse at Point Iroquois (which is on Lake Superior) and climbed to the top.

Before traveling to Whitefish Point and visiting the shipwreck museum...

and throwing more rocks.  :)

We finished the day by going to the Lower and Upper Tahquamenon Falls.  Timothy was our guide.

Luckily, Grandpa had some pointers he shared over lunch.

Here are the lower falls, far away...

And now close up!

Just a few miles down the road are the Upper Falls...

Then we went back to the Soo, ate some freshly caught whitefish (ok, I had chicken), and called it a day.  See next post for the rest of the trip...