Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Michigan Trip, Part 4

Our last day with my parents we spent at Greenfield Village.  It was a beautiful day and the park was next to empty because it was a weekday after the main tourist season finished.  

Don't ask me what my son was doing...

The turkeys loved strollers because they know there are usually cheerios and sippy cups to enjoy...

Timothy really enjoyed watching the train whenever we came across it.

The flowers were still really pretty!

And Timothy got his 3rd carousel ride for the year (and his life).  :)  This one really cooked and Jared had to watch him as he was constantly sliding off the seat.

It was the last day of soft serve in the Village and they needed to get rid of the inventory, so it was free soft serve for everyone!  Timothy really enjoyed his scoop,

but made sure to take care of papa too.  Open wide!

We finished up the afternoon with a ride around the park on the train.  The next morning we started the drive home, happy to have a wonderful trip and visit!

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