Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It is official!

Just wanted to share the big news!

More details coming soon...we are heading to Sioux Falls later this week for classes.  :)  Please keep our family in your prayers.

Triple Zipper Pouch

So I have been getting back into the routine of sewing...finally.  I burned myself out at Christmas with gift making and general business and then Timothy has been working on his teeth, so I have been laying low.  But I managed to make one of these pouches for myself (in green) and worked out the kinks for this lovely pink version!  I used the scraps from my new sewing machine cover.  It is now filled with goodies and packed for my quilt guild meeting tonight because its destiny is to be the door prize for our meeting tonight.  :)

I learned a couple of things from making the first one.  First, use 9" zippers like the directions say instead of trying to use the 7" ones you have on hand.  It is easier to just cut off those little metal pieces off and not mess with them (and break a needle in the process).  Second, when you get to the point of sewing the sides closed, flip the largest liner up and lay it all flat.  Sew one continuous line on each side, from folded edge to folded edge, leaving a gap open in the lining on one side so you can flip it.

 Flip the whole thing out (don't forget to open the largest pouch zipper first!) through your little hole in the lining and sew it shut.  Stuff the liner in and you are done!  I saw this hint in the discussions on flickr.  It is so great to see lots of collaboration on projects!

A link to the tutorial if you want to make one yourself: 

A Quilter’s Table

(I don't know what is wrong with the look of the above link, but it works!)

Monday, January 21, 2013


First batch of beer bottled:

(total count of 8 bottles...but he knows what to do next time to get closer to the expected 10-12)

Second batch of beer brewed and fermenting:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The consequences of gift cards

 I am SLOWLY getting back into the swing of sewing.  I decided after the frenzy and abuse of holiday sewing, I would give my sewing machine some love...

A nice cover (with a sewing theme) to keep the dust off.  Eventually it will have some sort of closure on both sides, probably ties, but I am still deciding.  The free motion quilting is slowly coming along too!  :)

Now on to some pictures of the little man, who is busier than ever.  Jared and I received some lovely gift cards and neither one of us has the patience to wait until we can get to the big city to spend them, so we got a lot of boxes in the mail in the last couple of weeks.  :)  What is better than building lots of giant towers?

So proud of himself!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Land of Fermentation 2

Jared received a small batch beer brewing kit for his birthday.  It is something that he has been eyeing for months now, but hasn't jumped in and purchased one.  But now he has one...and as of this morning, brewed his first batch!

Both boys were busy all morning:


Timothy learning how to put his own boot on
(and pouring salt all over the nativity puzzle)

 Siphoning finished brew into fermentation jug

Playing with play dough

Ready to ferment! 

Being silly :)

Fermenting...yeast is working!

 And I knitted :)

Finished pictures coming soon!