Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the front yard

So, awhile back we had the sewer pipe under our front lawn collapse.  Boo!

And then we had a fixed sewer pipe, but a giant hole in our front lawn.  Yay and Boo!

And then they came and filled in our front lawn with some nice dirt.  Yay!

But then we had half of a flower bed missing and a giant puddle of mud in our front lawn.  Boo!

This is what it looked liked at this point:

This is what it looks like now:

 (hopefully the grass will come in quickly!)

This is what Timothy did while mommy and daddy worked:

The 4 day quilt

I had so much fun throwing this quilt together in just a few days.  I love the bright colors (they really glow with the late afternoon sun, don't you think?) and it just made me happy working on it.  I used this pattern and really enjoyed the randomness of putting it all together.  I did make piles of squares for each row before I started sewing them together to make sure that the colors would be balanced overall, but I didn't plan out the order of each row or how I put the rows together.  It was fun to see it come together as I sewed!  Here is how the work broke down:

Day 1 (evening only):  ironed 10 fat quarters for the front, cut them into 5" squares (12 from each FQ), drew diagonal line with pencil on the backs of half of the squares.

Day 2: paired squares, sewed down both sides of each diagonal line, cut each in half, trimmed corners, made piles for each row, sewed 10 rows of 12 squares. (Note: Timothy had a 3 hour nap and Jared had evening classes at church, so I had lots of time!)

Day 3: sewed all rows together to make top, made quilt sandwich, sewed sandwich, flipped quilt inside out (I didn't use binding), sewed around the edge.

Day 4: quilt, wash, dry, and admire.  Oh, and somehow break my walking foot...hoping I can fix it, or I need to invest in another one....sigh.

Dimensions: 40 inches x 48 inches

Total Cost: (so I remember and in case you were interested) $42.79
10 Fat quarters at $2.60 each and 20% off - $20.80
1 1/2 yards Backing material at $10.69/yd and 10% off - $13.90
Baby Quilt Warm and Natural Batting at $8.99 and 10% off - $8.09

the back is lime green :)