Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Nothing like a 6:30 am forced smile.


Blessings on your Easter Celebrations!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pre-Easter Festivities

Timothy went to his first Easter egg hunt today at the auditorium.  It was beautiful outside, but they have learned their lesson when it comes to planning the hunt for the park.  Timothy got in there with the rest of them and had a great time.

Then it was off to the 4-h building for baby animal day!  Last year, Timothy didn't want anything to do with the animals, but this year he was all about it.  He really enjoyed petting the lambs...

peeping at the chicks...

and most of all, the baby goats.  :)  Don't ask me why, but he was making goat sounds the entire way to the park and lit up when he saw them.  He also gave this friendly guy a kiss.  :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I love having a two year old.  There is literally something new everyday, if not multiple somethings, to discover.  This morning, it was pockets.  What pure joy!  :)

Even when you are older, joy is so easily found in the little the first flowers of spring!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pattern Testing 2

 Two more patterns tested and approved for craft show production.  First up, a 16 crayon roll - each crayon has its own little home and then it gets rolled and buttoned up (I don't have any buttons yet, but it will after I go to Hobby Lobby).  :)  I love the bugs in jars...

Second, a similar concept but for cars!  This mom of a boy's heart skipped a beat when I saw this pattern in a magazine and knew my life was more complete.  (Only half kidding)  Pockets for 6 cars on one side and a little spot to play on the other.  When it is time to go, every car goes into its garage and the mat gets folded in half lengthwise, rolled, and buttoned.  It even has a strap for those little hands to carry!  Timothy has one coming in his Easter basket along with a new pack of hot is hoping it will keep him occupied during the sunrise service and following breakfast.  :)

Isn't the car print fabric cute?!?

Dr. Appointment

Timothy and I made it to Sioux Falls and back successfully.  Jared couldn't join us this time because of a funeral and prayer service (can't really plan for those...).  Timothy is doing great!  He is now 26 pounds and 3 ounces, putting him at the 17th percentile!  I remember so vividly when he was less than .001 percent for so long and now he can pack it on!  He is also over 33 inches, so he is at the 6th percentile!  That means that since our appointment in November, he has put on over 3 pounds and almost 2 inches, which makes his growth chart just a little different than normal (but in a good way).  :)

We met with the entire feeding team, so Timothy had to eat with the therapists so they can evaluate how he is doing.  I am happy to report that all of the food he was offered he put into his mouth, bit them, chewed, and then swallowed.  For any other child, this might seem pretty normal, but this was a big deal for us.  

We got the go ahead from the dietitian to keep increasing our pump feedings during the day from 4 ounces over an hour to 6 (slowly over the next 3 months).  By the time that happens, he will be on the pump overnight for only 8 hours!  Eventually (after our next appointment in July) we will add in a couple of snacks too, so he will be "eating" a normal toddler schedule and we will continue to eliminate the night drip feeding so all of his calories will be consumed during the day.  

It was a very tiring day with the car rides and lots of time at the clinic, but we are getting back to normal today and enjoying some real sunshine.  I bought Timothy a couple of short sleeved shirts and shorts while we were in Sioux Falls.  Wishful thinking perhaps?  Maybe.  I just need to remember these days when it is over 100 for a week straight this summer...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A force not to be reckoned with

We have had a couple of solid weeks of illness here, between colds and the stomach flu, so sterilizing the house this week has been top priority.  Timothy felt the need to help...

Watching a two year old with a mop or broom is like watching a wrecking ball with all he comes in contact is just a matter of time before something gets run into or over.  Today, it was the cat.

In the end though, I am not going to deny him the joy of helping mama out.  I doubt he will have the same enthusiasm for cleaning when he is twelve.  I am publishing these pictures partly for later use...proof of a cheerful and willing helper!  :)

I am currently in the market for a child-sized broom and mop, hoping that might help reign in the terror for all other occupants in our house.

Tomorrow (Monday) we head to Sioux Falls for our next feeding clinic appointment.  We are hoping the specialists see the progress we have seen since our last appointment in November and we can keep progressing down the road of weaning off of the feeding tube towards normal eating!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pattern Testing

Not too much going on this weekend...Timothy and Jared are both down and out with colds and I have been busy cuddling on the couch, watching cartoons, and making soup.  I did manage to whip through a couple of patterns though and test them out for potential craft show items.  

Yes, you heard it, I am committing myself to a craft show this coming fall.  I figured if I start now, I can work at non-frenzied pace and have a good sized stock pile...although I am not sure how to determine that quite yet, but onward I go...

First pattern:  Gathered Clutch

I like it!  The best pattern that I have ever followed in terms of ease and I am looking forward to making lots of these with several variations.

Second pattern: Crayon Art Folio, Regular and Mini

Again, good pattern (although I would prefer the cutting to be listed out instead of folding a piece of paper a bunch of times) and straight forward assembly.  I am going to be making a bunch of these in really fun kid fabrics, some of which I already started collecting.  Let the cutting of owls, cars, farm animals, planes, alphabet and fairy princess fabric commence!  :)

Looking for feedback on this one...have you done a craft show?  Any advice?  What are you looking for when you shop at one?  Any recommendations on good patterns that you have made....let me know!

You may be wondering about why I am doing a craft show?  It comes down to this: adoption.  It costs. A LOT.  And we found out last week from our tax preparer that because they redid the adoption tax credit and because we live in a parsonage (and don't own our house), we really will not benefit from any federal tax credit.  


Soooo...I am going to try a craft show and we are going to be doing some fundraisers and apply for some grants as soon as our homestudy is complete.  (the paperwork on our end is complete...just waiting for fingerprints and background checks to come back and a couple of visits with the social worker)  Please pray for our family as we continue on this road and as we approach anniversarys related to Evelyn this spring!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Half Triangle Square Sampler

My first bed quilt is officially done!  

78" x 98" (before washing)
Block of the Month Tutorials are here
Fabric is a blogger bundle from here
Quilted by Nancy

Here is the back:

And a close-up of the quilting: 

And after it's washing, on our guest bed!  Ready to take reservations (as long as you excuse the fact that there is a blue rug under the bed)  :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday night

Timothy in bed and my newest quilt is back in my hands and quilted.  

Thanks Nancy, it looks great!  

A couple of evenings getting the binding attached, and it will be ready for its photo shoot.  

Find your sunglasses, it is a bright one!  :)


~ excited about carrots ~ sweet smile ~ monster face ~

Eli's Visit

The past couple of days have been just a little crazier, but lots of fun and much needed cousin time spent.  Our sister-in-law Michelle and our nephew Eli came to play and were the boys ever busy!  They ran, climbed, yelled, crashed cars, chased each other and cheered each other on the potty...

They also had read lots of books and sang lots of songs.

Michelle and Eli also brought some water beads and Eli showed Timothy how to play with them.

"Why are you bothering us with the camera?  We are busy!"

Michelle and I also had time to catch up on all things crocheting, quilting and cooking, so in the end we had two happy boys and two happy mamas.  We are looking forward to our trip after Easter to see more of our cousin!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Sweet, Precious Boy

Ha!  :)

Happy Friday!