Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dr. Appointment

Timothy and I made it to Sioux Falls and back successfully.  Jared couldn't join us this time because of a funeral and prayer service (can't really plan for those...).  Timothy is doing great!  He is now 26 pounds and 3 ounces, putting him at the 17th percentile!  I remember so vividly when he was less than .001 percent for so long and now he can pack it on!  He is also over 33 inches, so he is at the 6th percentile!  That means that since our appointment in November, he has put on over 3 pounds and almost 2 inches, which makes his growth chart just a little different than normal (but in a good way).  :)

We met with the entire feeding team, so Timothy had to eat with the therapists so they can evaluate how he is doing.  I am happy to report that all of the food he was offered he put into his mouth, bit them, chewed, and then swallowed.  For any other child, this might seem pretty normal, but this was a big deal for us.  

We got the go ahead from the dietitian to keep increasing our pump feedings during the day from 4 ounces over an hour to 6 (slowly over the next 3 months).  By the time that happens, he will be on the pump overnight for only 8 hours!  Eventually (after our next appointment in July) we will add in a couple of snacks too, so he will be "eating" a normal toddler schedule and we will continue to eliminate the night drip feeding so all of his calories will be consumed during the day.  

It was a very tiring day with the car rides and lots of time at the clinic, but we are getting back to normal today and enjoying some real sunshine.  I bought Timothy a couple of short sleeved shirts and shorts while we were in Sioux Falls.  Wishful thinking perhaps?  Maybe.  I just need to remember these days when it is over 100 for a week straight this summer...

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