Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pattern Testing 2

 Two more patterns tested and approved for craft show production.  First up, a 16 crayon roll - each crayon has its own little home and then it gets rolled and buttoned up (I don't have any buttons yet, but it will after I go to Hobby Lobby).  :)  I love the bugs in jars...

Second, a similar concept but for cars!  This mom of a boy's heart skipped a beat when I saw this pattern in a magazine and knew my life was more complete.  (Only half kidding)  Pockets for 6 cars on one side and a little spot to play on the other.  When it is time to go, every car goes into its garage and the mat gets folded in half lengthwise, rolled, and buttoned.  It even has a strap for those little hands to carry!  Timothy has one coming in his Easter basket along with a new pack of hot wheels...here is hoping it will keep him occupied during the sunrise service and following breakfast.  :)

Isn't the car print fabric cute?!?


  1. Where did you find the pattern for this one? That looks awesome!

    1. It is from Simple Quilts and Sewing Magazine, Winter 2013. It is a super easy pattern too!