Sunday, March 24, 2013

A force not to be reckoned with

We have had a couple of solid weeks of illness here, between colds and the stomach flu, so sterilizing the house this week has been top priority.  Timothy felt the need to help...

Watching a two year old with a mop or broom is like watching a wrecking ball with all he comes in contact is just a matter of time before something gets run into or over.  Today, it was the cat.

In the end though, I am not going to deny him the joy of helping mama out.  I doubt he will have the same enthusiasm for cleaning when he is twelve.  I am publishing these pictures partly for later use...proof of a cheerful and willing helper!  :)

I am currently in the market for a child-sized broom and mop, hoping that might help reign in the terror for all other occupants in our house.

Tomorrow (Monday) we head to Sioux Falls for our next feeding clinic appointment.  We are hoping the specialists see the progress we have seen since our last appointment in November and we can keep progressing down the road of weaning off of the feeding tube towards normal eating!


  1. Hope everything goes well at Timothy's appointment! We get most of our kid-sized tools from here:

    1. Thanks Sara! This is just what I was looking for!