Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and Signs of Spring

Saturday morning we headed over to the Egg Scramble that our town puts on.  So impressed that he was smiling despite crying his eyes out 10 minutes previously because the Easter bunny got a little too close.  :)  I have no aspirations for a happy santa or bunny picture with this kid ever.  

Our lilac bushes are loaded with blooms!  I am praying for no deep freezes in the coming weeks, a very real danger for our area so we can enjoy our bushes after waiting for 3 years!  All of the lilies are several inches high, bushes are all leafing out, and the rhubarb is a good 8 inches tall.

Post egg dying...playing with some baking soda and mixing colors.

Egg hunt in the backyard following church.  Everyone indulged in our annual Easter afternoon nap.  It got really warm here and Timmy spent the rest of the afternoon digging holes in the garden.  Only a couple more weeks and we will be planting.  :)