Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 days...

I realized that I hadn't put too many pictures up recently, so here are a few from the past month or so. They include the installation of the car seat, thanksgiving (the pickles on the table were for Jared, not me), my large belly, and the cat chilling in her new favorite place, right next to the radiator. Our last doctor appointment is tomorrow and I am hoping that we have progressed at least a little. In case I go overdue (Friday is the due date), we have an induction set for next Tuesday. Even though we are both ready for our baby to come, it is kinda weird to think that in one week, we will be parents, if not sooner. We have been waiting so long and these past couple of weeks have definitely been the longest, with the last couple of days just torture. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Another Wednesday, another appointment, and another zero in the progress department. :) Nothing new to report other than I have been entertained by people sharing "I think this is it" stories...which make me feel better because I honestly thought at 3 am I was not going to my appointment this morning but to labor and delivery. So I have more time to get things done before the baby comes. Thus far, I have taken a nap and eaten lunch...maybe this afternoon. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Done with work

I am officially on maternity leave! I was trying to make it until next Tuesday, but decided with Jared that it was time now with all of the contractions that I have been having, the amount of stress involved with my work situation, and the fact that I could sit for 5 minutes on the couch and fall asleep. So needless to say, the last couple of days have been absolutely amazing. Jared and I have been decorating for Christmas (we are figuring that when the baby is here, we aren't going to have the energy to get it done), going for walks before the weather turns miserable, and sleeping LOTS.

On Wednesday, our appointment went well. The doctor was concerned about a month ago that his kidneys were dilated, but the ultrasound this week showed that they were back to a normal size and she was pleased. From what she told us last time, sometimes little boy kidney valves take a little longer to do what they are supposed to do. The ultrasound tech also predicted a weight of 6 lb, 10 oz. Full term, the doctor thinks he will be in the high 7 lbs. With an accuracy rate of plus or minus 2 lbs, I guess we will have to wait to see if they are correct. :) I haven't dilated yet, but have had LOTS of contractions, some of which are starting to get strong. I am hoping that he comes a little early so Jared is still home full time for break, but we are just counting down the days.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Sitting...

Well, I am supposed to be up and moving in 5 hours for work, but I am still wide awake, sitting on the couch. My wonderful husband, who is on break and has plans of sleeping-in in the morning, is fast asleep. I just love it.

I thought we were seriously going to have our baby over the weekend. I woke up Sunday morning to bleeding, cramping, and lots of contractions that continued on and off all day. It was slightly stressful for Jared, who had to preach that morning and do it memorized for one of his classes, but he did just fine. I called my principal, let her know what was going on, and took Monday off just in case. As soon as I went to bed, all symptoms ceased and I had not a hint of anything. After a quick check in with the doctor, who says I still haven't progressed, we spent some time at the zoo walking and cleaning up the apartment. We really enjoyed walking around the zoo, watching the grounds crew put up Christmas lights while skeletons and bats were still dangling in the trees.

This process is starting to wear on my lack of patience, and that I suppose is the point. The bag is packed, plans for school are made, pantry stocked, and cleaning is just about done. I have my next appointment Wednesday and it includes another ultrasound to make sure that I am still carrying just extra fluid and not a monster-sized baby. Looking forward to seeing him in my arms instead of on a video screen in black-and-white.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here I Sit...

Just a quick update...that nothing has happened. :) We have our next appointment tomorrow, so we will see what the doctor says about how I am progressing, if I am. All of my parents at school seem to think that I have less than a week....I guess we will just have to see if they are correct. The late pregnancy symptoms of swollen feet and bladder pressure have really kicked in, as well as the lack of mobility. Most mornings Jared is pushing (literally) me out of bed so I can get moving...