Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Sitting...

Well, I am supposed to be up and moving in 5 hours for work, but I am still wide awake, sitting on the couch. My wonderful husband, who is on break and has plans of sleeping-in in the morning, is fast asleep. I just love it.

I thought we were seriously going to have our baby over the weekend. I woke up Sunday morning to bleeding, cramping, and lots of contractions that continued on and off all day. It was slightly stressful for Jared, who had to preach that morning and do it memorized for one of his classes, but he did just fine. I called my principal, let her know what was going on, and took Monday off just in case. As soon as I went to bed, all symptoms ceased and I had not a hint of anything. After a quick check in with the doctor, who says I still haven't progressed, we spent some time at the zoo walking and cleaning up the apartment. We really enjoyed walking around the zoo, watching the grounds crew put up Christmas lights while skeletons and bats were still dangling in the trees.

This process is starting to wear on my lack of patience, and that I suppose is the point. The bag is packed, plans for school are made, pantry stocked, and cleaning is just about done. I have my next appointment Wednesday and it includes another ultrasound to make sure that I am still carrying just extra fluid and not a monster-sized baby. Looking forward to seeing him in my arms instead of on a video screen in black-and-white.


  1. Those last few weeks are the longest shortest weeks you will experience in your life! Take it easy (although walking is good good good!). I recommend 2 Panera Cinnamon Rolls. It worked for Kari and I even tested it on a friend. Worked for her too! It takes two though- one won't cut it. :)
    Hope to hear news of a little Nies soon!

  2. Thanks Jayme...I think I am going to start attending your practice...I like your prescriptions better! :)