Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pattern Testing

Not too much going on this weekend...Timothy and Jared are both down and out with colds and I have been busy cuddling on the couch, watching cartoons, and making soup.  I did manage to whip through a couple of patterns though and test them out for potential craft show items.  

Yes, you heard it, I am committing myself to a craft show this coming fall.  I figured if I start now, I can work at non-frenzied pace and have a good sized stock pile...although I am not sure how to determine that quite yet, but onward I go...

First pattern:  Gathered Clutch

I like it!  The best pattern that I have ever followed in terms of ease and I am looking forward to making lots of these with several variations.

Second pattern: Crayon Art Folio, Regular and Mini

Again, good pattern (although I would prefer the cutting to be listed out instead of folding a piece of paper a bunch of times) and straight forward assembly.  I am going to be making a bunch of these in really fun kid fabrics, some of which I already started collecting.  Let the cutting of owls, cars, farm animals, planes, alphabet and fairy princess fabric commence!  :)

Looking for feedback on this one...have you done a craft show?  Any advice?  What are you looking for when you shop at one?  Any recommendations on good patterns that you have made....let me know!

You may be wondering about why I am doing a craft show?  It comes down to this: adoption.  It costs. A LOT.  And we found out last week from our tax preparer that because they redid the adoption tax credit and because we live in a parsonage (and don't own our house), we really will not benefit from any federal tax credit.  


Soooo...I am going to try a craft show and we are going to be doing some fundraisers and apply for some grants as soon as our homestudy is complete.  (the paperwork on our end is complete...just waiting for fingerprints and background checks to come back and a couple of visits with the social worker)  Please pray for our family as we continue on this road and as we approach anniversarys related to Evelyn this spring!


  1. i wish i were motivated enough to do a craft show! hope it goes well. i'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!