Thursday, October 10, 2013

Michigan Trip, Part 3

Here is the next installment!  We came down from the U.P. and spent a day on Mackinac Island.  Blue kitty was very excited about the big boat ride (as opposed to a canoe on the lake).  :)

The weather was perfect.  So was the architecture and history.

We climbed the hill check out the fort.  Wrong way there kiddo...

Not perfect, but better. :)

We also took the carriage ride around the island to see the sights.  Timothy loved this part.

And Timothy made sure the seagulls got there exercise.

And yes, my mom was present on the trip...I realized that most of the time my dad pushed the stroller, so he ends up being in more pictures!

We headed back to my parents' house and played with the awesome train set.  Timothy loved this too.

One more installment...

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