Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun

Timothy has been so excited for Halloween.  I think he is getting old enough to really understand some of what is going on and enjoyed the anticipation (aka asking us 8-12 times per day if Halloween has come for the past 2 weeks).  So much so that he is all ready to do it over again.  He was a little disappointed when I told him not until next year.  :)

He and daddy carved the big pumpkin on Wednesday night...

And then he painted the little pumpkin today.  You can also tell that I taught piano lessons by the sticker on Timothy's face.   Stickers are Timothy's favorite part of my lessons.

Super Timmy!  My awesome friend Gina made the cape a few weeks ago for Timothy and I whipped up a mask this week.  At first he didn't want to wear it, but we told him that he needed to wear his mask or people wouldn't put candy in his bucket.  He happily wore it for the rest of the night.  Ha!

Happy Halloween!

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