Tuesday, November 5, 2013

winter quilt with winter weather

I have been looking forward to the end of craft show sewing for awhile now and have wasted no time in getting myself wrapped up in several projects simultaneously.  Ha!  (By the way, I have sold most of what I made, woohoo!)

The first of which is a project I started in August and sent off to my friend Nancy to long-arm quilt and it just came home this past weekend.  Sewing the binding onto a finished quilt and then curling underneath it while watching tv is an excellent kickoff to holiday sewing!  Merry Christmas to me!  (I mean us...)  :)

Winters Lane Quilt 
(made with Winters Lane layer cake by Moda)
approx. 57" x 66"

Normally I would have quilted something this size on my machine at home, but I wanted a minky backing.  This stuff is so wonderfully soft, but stretches in one direction and not the other and has a good pile, so I decided to pass the project off on someone else so I didn't throw my sewing machine through a window.  Plus, she worked snowflakes into the quilting.  :)

And because my husband has completely claimed the quilt above as his own, I have another one in the works.  I am a complete sucker for sew-alongs and when I saw this going on, I needed to join in.  Here are my fabrics that just arrived in the mail (some may spend their monthly "allowance" on shoes or clothes, I just choose to invest mine in fabric):

It was an excellent day to start cutting into a fresh pile of fabric because we got our first snowfall!  Nothing crazy, just enough to cover the grass, but that didn't damper Timothy's spirits and we of course had to go out and play!

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