Sunday, October 27, 2013

Almost 3

It is hard to believe that our little helper is almost 3.  But he is!

We had a beautiful Friday and Timothy was a great help when it came to destroying his father's leaf pile.  :)

He followed that up with helping with the dishes...and washing half of the kitchen, too!

We had our latest feeding clinic appointment in Sioux Falls this past week.  Timothy is now 28 lbs, 11 oz, and 34.5 inches, which the team was pleased with and everything else looked great, too.   We are going to keep pushing the eating and dairy products specifically to see how he does with them between now and his next appointment in January.  (My hope is to get off of the medical food formula he is on now and switch to something a little easier to obtain).

I made it through my first craft show, thanks to my mother in law for helping man the booth and the many friends that stopped by and purchased something.  I sold quite a few things, but I have a LOT left over.  I have most of it listed on Facebook right now and things are starting to sell.  Yay for a big trip to the post office on Monday!  :)  

No news on our adoption, just waiting.  The combination of seeing a newborn at church this morning and singing one of the hymns from Evelyn's funeral proved to be too much.  I shed a few tears, doubtful that people really knew why.  But our organist must have seen me and came up after church and said that hymn makes her cry since the funeral, too.  I cried some more...


  1. This is very random... I was looking for my own comment on one of the Sew Mama Sew Handmade Holiday posts and clicked on yours simply because your name is Sarah - like me - and I just felt the urge... you have a delightful blog and ironically, we're a waiting family for adoption, too! During our wait, I've found so many odd little instances where by complete and total random chance we've come across other families who are also waiting to bring home their next child. Anyway, long story short, felt compelled to say hi and best wishes on your adoption journey!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sarah, you made my day! It is always fun to meet other parents in the same journey - I love your profile! Your girls are adorable and it looks like they keep you busy and having fun. Blessings on getting your quilting business up and running and getting your adoption paid for; we are feeling more and more relieved as we get closer to our goal. I will be following your blog and look forward to seeing your adoption finalized!