Saturday, October 5, 2013

Michigan Trip, Part 2

Ready for some picture overload?  Good.  :)

Our first stop was Mackinaw City where we toured the fort on the shores of Lake Michigan...

and visited the park on the other side of the bridge and threw rocks into Lake Huron.

Where there is rocks and water, my son will be...

Then we crossed the bridge,

which Timothy missed,

and went to the Soo and saw some ships going through the locks.

The next day, which had perfect weather, we went to the lighthouse at Point Iroquois (which is on Lake Superior) and climbed to the top.

Before traveling to Whitefish Point and visiting the shipwreck museum...

and throwing more rocks.  :)

We finished the day by going to the Lower and Upper Tahquamenon Falls.  Timothy was our guide.

Luckily, Grandpa had some pointers he shared over lunch.

Here are the lower falls, far away...

And now close up!

Just a few miles down the road are the Upper Falls...

Then we went back to the Soo, ate some freshly caught whitefish (ok, I had chicken), and called it a day.  See next post for the rest of the trip...

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