Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

So not much has been going on here.  Right after our trip to Bismarck, I broke my middle finger on my left (dominant) hand.  It halted all progress on all crafting fronts...no crocheting, knitting, cutting fabric (I couldn't hold my rotary cutter), or quilting (couldn't wear my gloves).  Sigh.  It was a long 6 weeks.  I would like to say that my housekeeping improved with all of the free time, but it didn't really happen.  ;)

But, I am brace-free for the last couple of weeks and things are feeling better.  My first project back was a set of bow ties for my little guys for Easter.  They turned out pretty cute.  It helps that they were worn by cute little boys too.  :)

We had some really nice weather this year and we did our egg hunt on Saturday in the yard.  I am pretty sure daddy is going to have to start burying eggs to make it hard enough for Timothy.  We even played a few rounds because it was just SO much fun to find them!

Benjamin gladly shook every egg before adding it to his pile.  And then he got 4 eggs and was done.  Ha.

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