Thursday, July 8, 2010

mommy's little helper

My apologies for taking so long getting another has been a busy month! Jared's last services are this weekend, we are moving on Monday, getting ready to go to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering next Friday, and I worked for 2 weeks as a candidate at the before mentioned job and decided that it wasn't for me. I am looking forward to working as a nanny and substitute teaching until the baby comes. It has worked out rather well, because I have lots of time to work around the house and pack things in an organized fashion...we will see how the kitchen goes on Saturday...

Speaking of the baby...everything is going well so far. I have finally "popped" and I feel more pregnant and less "boy, she has gained a lot of weight around the middle." :) I am making it more dramatic than it is, but I am sure that has to do with the amount of hormones surging through my body.

Our next appointment is Wednesday, July 14th. This will be our first appointment with the new doctor in St. Louis and includes an ultrasound. :) Yes, we are finding out the gender as long as the baby cooperates and allows us a peek. One of us is going to have a lot of learning ahead of us as Jared comes from a family of all boys and I come from a family of all girls. But that's ok. We are too excited about the idea of narrowing the potential name list down to one gender that it really doesn't matter if we end on the blue or pink team.

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