Wednesday, April 4, 2012

getting ready for the car ride

I am starting to stress about the car ride to Michigan.  Almost 2 whole days with a child stuck in his car seat.  For the record, my parents took one and a half days, but with a 16-month-old and a 28-week-pregnant momma, I am anticipating many more stops.  Sounds like a nice, relaxing trip for my hubby, don't you think?  :)

We are stocking my husband's ipod with childrens' music (yay for being a elementary music teacher!), purchasing a personal dvd player for the meltdown times, and packing lots of fine motor toys and activities.  That goes for me too...I'll probably end up doing only half of the projects I am packing for myself.  Anyway, I made this I-Spy bag for Timothy tonight:

Lots of different little things to find in a storm of rice.  I have seen a lot of these online lately, but just this morning I found this post and she answered a lot of my questions.  The tissue paper trick was a lifesaver!  My sister-in-law is also hosting a toddler busy bag swap and this is going to be part of my contribution.  I made this one up quick to test it out on our trip.  We'll see how it survives being thrown in the van.  :)

No gardening little sweet pea didn't take an afternoon nap (after last week taking several 3 hour naps, I don't understand), but hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest of my cool weather crops in the ground.  I am also hoping to pull together a few more activities for Timothy.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. Eli loved his white board and magnetic dry erase markers on the plane. Plus it didn't waste a ton of paper. But I don't know if Timothy would also draw on his seat and himself? Just an idea.

  2. Good idea! I am thinking I will be sitting in the back with him for parts of the trip, so a board and markers would be good when I can supervise. :)