Friday, April 20, 2012

30 weeks

Goodbye twenties...hello 30 week!  This can only mean one thing...

The glucose test (that and I have a lot of things to get done and my time is getting shorter).  The one appointment that I dreaded coming into the pregnancy, even ahead of the 12-week blood draw.  The first pregnancy you just hear rumors of the "sweet stuff" and are blissfully unaware of the torture about to ensue.  Choking down super sweet, non-carbonated orange drink, waiting for an hour while floating on a sugar high, getting blood drawn, and then the sugar-rush crash that follows.

Can you tell that I was excited for today's appointment?  :)

On top of it, Jared has been out of town the last couple of days for the district convention and I was going to have a 16 month old by myself to boot.  He actually did really well and entertained the waiting room of grandmas and grandpas while I had to wait (thank goodness for audiences!).  :)  Unfortunately, I failed the test.  They recently changed the rules so that instead of your blood sugar level being under 140, it needs to be under 130.  My score: 134.  Arg!  Traveling and eating healthy do not go well together for me...I think the white, refined flour hamburger buns two days ago did me in.  Oh well - I go back Monday for the 3 hour version.  Luckily, Jared is coming back tomorrow.  YAY!  He can watch Timothy for the initial blood draw and the gagging down of the sweet stuff.  After that, Timothy and I can walk back to the clinic every hour for the rest of my draws.  Oh yeah, did I mention that we live half a block from our doctor's office.  Living here has benefits too.  :)

Other than the blood test, the baby looks good, but I am measuring large, just like Timothy.  The doctor also said I feel "squishy"- meaning she thinks that I am carrying extra fluid.  (squishy - what every pregnant woman really wants to hear)  Translation:  we also get another ultrasound next week and it will be at the hospital here in town!  Because I did this with Timothy, the doctor isn't concerned, but wants to make sure everything looks good and her kidneys are functioning properly.  So hopefully good news will be coming next week...until then, no hamburgers in the Nies household this weekend.

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