Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Festivities

With vacation right around the corner (as in, we are leaving after church services are done on Sunday), we had our Easter festivities today.  We started with dying Easter eggs.  Timothy was very interested in the whole dying process until he couldn't take the eggs out of the dye right away and had a major meltdown...patience my child does not have.  So, while Timothy found himself in his crib (we were hoping for a nap that didn't happen), Jared and I finished the eggs and got ourselves ready for the next adventure...

telling daddy how to mix the dyes.  :)

testing out the eggs...and cracking through the shell with the new teeth.  

Baby animal day at the 4-H building!  What a nice event!  We got to see a miniature horse, calves, lambs, kids, geese, piglets, chickens, bunnies, chicks, and duckies, all available to pet with the help of older kids in the 4-H program.  There was also butter churning, horse wagon rides, and a kid-sized train running outside.  I think next year will be much more interesting for Timothy; he was too afraid to actually touch any of the animals, but he did baaa at the lambs and moo at the calves.  :)  Next year, when Timothy is walking and aware of what is going on a little more, we will plan on the town egg scramble too.

Tomorrow, he'll get his Easter basket and we will all head to church for early service, breakfast, and then finish packing at home (while Jared does the 2nd service) for our journey to Michigan!

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