Tuesday, April 3, 2012

first (veggie) gardening post, 2012

I am so excited to get our garden started for the year! The weather has been unusually warm, making me want to rush out in the dirt and put things in the ground. I have been patient (sitting on my hands) and waiting until I heard about the seasoned gardeners in the area putting things in. They have started (radishes are up in the neighborhood) and so have I!

First, the plan. My mother-in-law and I ordered seeds together (because who is going to plant all 100 pea seeds in the packet??) over superbowl weekend. Then they sat here for awhile. I flipped through them occasionally. :) Today, I took Timothy to see the chicks at the farm and fleet store in town (so cute...he was VERY interested and meowed at them) and I picked up my onions, garlic, rhubarb, and 2 varieties of asparagus. Score!

I have my plan ready...

And I made my row markers (an idea I saw on pinterest).

corks and skewers = row markers

This afternoon, during Timothy's nap, I planted my 2 varieties of asparagus (martha washingtons and jersey hybrids) and 3 rhubarb crowns. :) Either later today or tomorrow (because I am taking it easy, I promise) the onions, garlic, radishes, and peas will go in. If, and more likely when, we get a frost, these should be fine. When we get back from Michigan in a couple of weeks I will get all of our other seeds going inside so they will be ready to go in the ground at the end of May.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we don't lose half of our garden to a virus like last year...

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