Sunday, June 16, 2013

Timothy 2.5

Timothy is officially 2.5 years old.  Hard to believe that I will have a three-year-old by the end of the year!  He is growing like a weed and having the time of his life playing outside everyday and going down to the park.  

We are still using the feeding pump for 100% of his calories, but he likes to try lots of different foods and is getting good at drinking lots of things other than milk.  Favorites right now are juice boxes, lemonade, and he really enjoyed his first root beer float after dinner tonight.  :)

He is very much a little mechanic, watching his cars carefully and figuring out how to attach trailers to all of his little cars, trucks, and tractors.  We are getting closer to being ready to potty train.  He is showing interest in sitting on the potty like his big boy cousin, Eli, and tells me when he wets his diaper, so I am thinking later this summer, after VBS is done, we will give it a try and see how he does.    We have big boy underwear all ready!  :)  He still sleeps in his crib and we enjoy knowing that he is just fine and contained where he is.  We are not pushing the big boy bed for awhile, especially when he is still plugged in to his feeding pump during the night.

According to his speech therapist, he is right on track for his age, making 3 word sentences.  It is really funny to hear him try and tell you all about something that he saw or experienced - he can't spit the words out fast enough and it is usually just nouns with a couple of verbs thrown in.  :)  Jared recently upgraded to an iphone and he can upload his videos directly to youtube, so you may see more videos of the little man more frequently.  Here is one from the other night...

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