Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Closer to Adopting

I realized that I haven't posted anything about the adoption, so here is where we are at:

Sorry, it is kinda long, but it is all here.   :)  Pictures next post, I promise!

1. Our profile is done, printed, and in the plastic sleeves for placement in the book.  We are going to be in Sioux Falls on July 1st for our next feeding team appointment with Timothy, so we are going to drop it off while we are there.  We are also hoping to take Timothy to the zoo that day, but I digress.

2. Our online profile is also ready to go and will be dropped off while we are in Sioux Falls.  People who are interested in making an adoption plan for their child will be able to check us out ahead of time. When it is up on Lutheran Social Services' website, I'll put a link up so you can see it.

3. Fundraising parties with Thirty One and Pampered Chef have been held and wrapped up (whew!).  We made $180 with the Thirty One party and I got LOADS of free hostess goodies!  I picked out several bags that we are going to raffle off at our dinner and was able to pick out a few things for us, too (like a new diaper bag).  :)  The Pampered Chef party went really well (even though only 4 people came to the actual party) and we earned $360 plus another item for our raffle.  I had no idea how much work hosting a couple of parties was going to be, but it worked out in the end and we were able to raise some funds.  We also had many generous friends and family who bowed out of ordering anything, but sent a donation, which was AMAZING.  It is a very humbling experience to have to ask for help like this (it would take us YEARS to do it on our own), but we feel blessed for the experience.

4. The amazon link over there on the right has been a great tool!  So far this month, you have made enough purchases through amazon to earn us $87.60 (that's only a small percentage of what is actually purchased).  Apparently, you needed to do some shopping.  :)  So far, we have in the ballpark of $120ish going towards the adoption from the advertising fees we have earned (my goal for the entire summer was $100).  Sweet!  The link is going to stay on the blog as long as we are still raising funds, so if you remember, come here first and click on it to get your purchasing done on amazon.  Thanks!

5. We are hosting a dinner at church tomorrow (the 26th) and it will be the last big fundraiser that we have planned (because, again, asking for help is not easy and not something we take lightly, there are lots of good causes out there).  Our local Thrivent chapter is matching the funds we raise and we have had several donations, so we are really excited.  I just hope people show up and eat, because there is going to be a lot of food!  Keep your fingers crossed that I remember to take my camera and snap some pictures to share here.  :)  I am also looking forward to giving away lots of goodies in our raffle!  We have 4 sets of Thirty One bags, a Pampered Chef grilling kit, a hanging basket of geraniums from our local hardware store, and some jewelry from a local shop.  It should be good for the lucky winners.  :)

6.  Overall with the money, we are right there to turn in a check for $4,000 with our profile papers.  Hopefully with the dinner we can make enough to have a little in the adoption fund for the next payment.  :)  We are officially over halfway there with the payments, just two left: $7,500 when we bring our baby home and $1,500 when the adoption is finalized 6 months later.  Woohoo!  :)  With a couple of grants applications being turned in soon, craft show sewing still going, and saving as much as we can in our monthly expenses, we should be pretty good.  I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'll let you know how our dinner goes tomorrow and then there may not be any updates for awhile because we will be just in the waiting stage.  It is exciting to know that at any point we can get a phone call that we have been picked by a birth mom!  We are continually praying for her and our future child, who she may or may not be carrying at the moment.  Please join us in praying for her and our child and keep us in your prayers as we try to collect ourselves along this very long, tedious, and emotional process.

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