Thursday, June 6, 2013


I haven't given an update on what I have been working on for the craft show in awhile.  The pile of finished projects is slowly growing.  I am hoping I can kick myself in the pants and get some of these piles a little larger.

9 art folios, 3 art wallets, 6 crayon rolls.  I just finished 6 more crayon rolls and I have a zillion more folios and wallets prepped and ready to go.

10 more car carriers...I have already sold 4 of these and Timothy has one too (product testing).  :)  These are really fun to make and I am hoping these will sell well.  I have some tractor fabric that is going to be turned into a fun variation of this!

I don't spend all of my time behind the sewing machine.  I have 10 of these little mug sweaters just needing buttons and will have another 10 that will be ready to be blocked sometime next week.  Here is how they work:

Naked mug.  Very beautiful (thanks Kim and Thom!), but too hot to handle when filled with beverage.

 Nice and cozy.  :)  I am thinking these will sell well because everyone knows one coffee or tea lover, if not several, and it is a great gift to pair with a nice bag of coffee or with a box of teas.  We will see if my theory holds.

And a couple of pictures of Timothy, who decided to read to me this morning.  :)

His new favorite is my old Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever!

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