Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Garden Tour: Flower Edition (Mostly Roses)

I had the camera outside today, and here is what is happening in our yard this week:  flowers.  And lots of them!  There are many more, but here are the few I took pictures of:

The Swedish Rose Bushes

I love these beautiful roses - they smell so sweet and have layers upon layers of petals.  These flowers take awhile to fully open and are loaded with buds of varying maturity, so I am looking forward to enjoying these for the next several weeks.

Raspberries!  Not flowers, I know, but I couldn't resist...Jared and I were drooling over them.  :)

Sweet Peas

Miniature pumpkin

Don't know the name for this one...but pretty!

Really dark pink roses - a gift from our youth group in honor of Evelyn - 
I have never seen so many buds on one bush...

Until I looked at the rose bush next to it!  
You can hardly see them, but they will be a bright pink next week I think.  
Another lovely gift from members in honor of Evelyn. 
(I guess our congregation knows we like to garden)

A new rose bush we planted this spring in the front of the house...I think it is happy!
This one is more of a shrub type of rose and planted right underneath our bedroom window;
I am excited for when it gets a taller and we can smell it from inside.

 So I realized tonight that all 5 of our rose bushes are pink.  Not a bad thing, just pointing it out.  :)
Another picture of the Swedish rose.

If you needed something less floral, here is a picture for you:  (Jared's first hand-tied fly!)  :)


  1. I think that purple one is salvia. We have some at the parsonage, too. We just planted our raspberries last week, and I've been reading up on how to take care of them, but I'm confused about cutting them back -- should we do anything to them this year? Your roses are just lovely!

    1. Thanks Sara! Don't cut your raspberries back this year or next need a 2 year old cane for the plant to produce raspberries. We are getting our first crop this year after planting them after we moved and we just trimmed them back this spring. Hope they establish themselves well this year so you can have lots of raspberries! :)