Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden Tour, mid-June

Here is a snapshot of the garden this week.  We had over an inch of rain on Saturday and some nice warm temperatures the last couple of days, so the veggies have really taken off!  I think we are going to get some broccoli by next week and maybe even a tomato and red pepper.  Crazy, I know!  We actually have about 6 green tomatoes right now and probably 3 dozen yellow flowers, so I am hoping that we are making up for last year's first tomato not coming until well into August!  We have already been enjoying green onions, lettuce, and a few strawberries.  The asparagus and rhubarb came in really nice, but we won't get our first crops of those until next year.

Could these be flower buds on our raspberry bushes?!?!  Jared and I are anxiously waiting...and pulling out raspberry leaders out of the lawn daily.  It is laborious, but so worth it!  :)

The opposite side of the garage is trimmed in blooming irises after 2 years of waiting!  There are 2 colors - purple and blue (although it is more of a lilac color) that are surprisingly well mixed down the entire bed.  My mom and I put these in when they came to see us over the 4th of July our first summer here.  The irises come from my parents' yard in Michigan and came from my Great-Grandma Gady's yard in Detroit before that.  I love having plants in my yard that have a story.  I have quite a few from my parents' and Jared's parents' yard that I will have to feature in a post one day...

The next two pictures are the Swedish rose starters that I got from my in-laws' yard.  Before that, they were starters from Granddad and Grandmother's yard before coming from Sweden (although there may be another U.S. yard in there, correct me if I am wrong).  These pictures are for you Granddad!  Check out all of the buds (those plants are both waist high)!  Barring any hail in the next week, I'll have more pictures of them in bloom for you soon, I can see slivers of pink!  :)

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