Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working away

I am so glad that my husband has something to work on that isn't church related. It is even better that he has SEVERAL projects going on that help him relax and get away from the office for a little bit. And we get to benefit from his hard work too! :)

Tonight started with a little bit of last minute sanding in the pantry.

And then the paint went up!

I am hoping tomorrow or Saturday the baseboards will go in with our shelving units so that I can unpack my pantry into its new location! We have appointments early in Sioux Falls tomorrow, so we will see how the carpenter is feeling after 6 hours of driving with an early morning to boot...

Then, he went to just finish up sanding the dresser in the basement (a project he started late last summer) and he ending up putting the stain on it! I am really looking forward to taking the final pictures of it because it is just beautiful. You can definitely tell that it is an old dresser, with a couple of deep scratches and all, but once he got the old, sticky stain off of it and gave it a good sanding, the grain has really popped with the stain. I'll take some better pictures when it is done and in natural lighting so I can hopefully capture its beauty...a little hard to do at night, in the basement.

Eeee!!! I am just so proud of the work Jared has put into it. I think the plan is to put a couple of coats of satin poly on it and some fresh knobs to finish it off. I am thinking that it will end up as a side table in the new guest room and have space in it for guests to use and a couple of drawers for my sewing supplies since that will also be the sewing room and home office. Not too bad for paying only a penny for it at a garage sale. :) Hopefully those pictures will be coming soon!

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