Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making a mess, part 2

Here is the construction update from this past weekend at our house. Jared's parents came over for the weekend and in the span of two days, the men accomplished everything they planned to convert 2 small rooms back into one larger room with a pantry in the corner.


Move the washer and dryer downstairs. This included rewiring for the dryer and adding the venting back in.

Knock down wall.

Switch the door off of the kitchen to swing out instead of swinging in.

Frame in pantry.

Drywall pantry.

Install light in the pantry. This was the laundry room light that they moved over about 4 feet.

Move electrical outlet from the center of the wall they took down to the new pantry wall (facing into the bedroom/office).


Install cat door into the basement door. Move kitty litter and food downstairs. Yay!

Repair a couple of holes in the wall with drywall.

Fill in where the dryer vent was.

Tape and first coat of drywall mud on all of the seams.

Go out for dinner.

What a job! Timothy, in the meantime, watched with lots of concern and curiosity and played with grandma. :)

I spent Saturday at a quilting retreat. More on that in a later post. :) Great job boys!

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