Saturday, March 10, 2012

all done!

The dresser was finished up today with the help of 75 degree weather! It spent a good part of the morning and most of the afternoon out in the sun getting a couple of coats of varnish and some new hardware. I put some fresh contact paper in the drawers and she is officially ready to go.



Of course the room she is going to sit in isn't ready, but it will be soon. Jared also got some good sanding in on the drywall repairs and is currently painting the ceiling. Tomorrow he is hoping to get a good coat on the walls. I am hoping by next weekend I will be posting some finished pictures of that as well. My pantry was finished last night, so projects are really cruising to completion around here. I wish I could say the same to my star quilt...half way done!

Don't get me wrong...once the guest room/office is finished, we will get that furniture all moved in and settled and then work on the old guest room will begin to transform it into Timothy's new room. And then when we get that done, we are going to freshen up the nursery before the baby gets here. And there is a closet in the living room that is going to get a set of shelves. And when I am saying "we" in conjunction with all of these projects, it really means Jared does most of the work and I come in to fluff it up at the end. :)

I guess that is one of the bonuses for being pregnant during home improvement projects...

Speaking of which, we went to Sioux Falls yesterday to meet with Timothy's pediatric cardiologist about his little sister. If an older sibling was born with a heart defect then the hospital has a standard procedure to check during any pregnancy to see if there are any issues. So we experienced our first fetal echocardiogram, which is pretty cool to think that they could look at our baby's heart while still in the womb with just ultrasound equipment. The conclusion is that her heart looks perfectly developed and we should have no concern. Yay!

Jared posing just like Norm Abram :)

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