Thursday, March 8, 2012

Discovery/sensory bottles

I have recently come across several websites and blogs dedicated to keeping young children busy and learning all at the same time (thanks to pinterest and my sister-in-law Michelle). :) So I decided to make a few things for Timothy to play with that would be fun and we could work on his fine motor skills.

The first thing I made was a set of discovery/sensory bottles. I used this website for my "recipes" and am really happy with how they turned out. I took the advice of the blogger and used gatorade bottles because they are a heavier plastic. I have also hot glued them all shut and will wrap the lids in electrical tape too, I just need to go to the hardware store and pick some up. Timothy has experienced most of them and has been shaking, rolling, and observing them up close. Success! :)

L to R:
buttons in water and light corn syrup...the syrup slows the buttons down and they float
half colored water and half veggie oil. Makes awesome waves!

pipe cleaner pieces...wave a magnet along the bottle and it picks up the pieces inside.

toothpicks and rice...sounds like rain!

L to R:
bubble bottle...colored water and a few drops of dish soap.

water and yarn...simple, but very cool.

pom poms...thats it! It makes a quiet shaker to go with the rain bottle above.

hair gel with sequins and glitter...I think I may have to use a looser gel, it doesn't move like I was expecting it to.

Another post will come next week with some more of our new toys. :)

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