Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quilting Retreat

While the boys were having fun in construction land, the girls were busy in sewing world. Friday night my mother-in-law, Kris, and I headed to my quilters' guild annual retreat at a local hunting lodge. I was quite amused over the tables of women quilting and scrapbooking and just overhead hung all kinds of taxidermic animals too numerous to count. I even took a picture with my phone, but I must not have saved it because I can't find you'll just have to use your imagination. Make sure to include two mountain goats launching themselves out of the top of a huge, stone fireplace, okay? :)

Anyway, Kris was amazing and while I sat at my machine sewing pieces, she ironed all of my seams and lined up the pieces on the table for me. I was really flying through my quilt! We also chatted with the other ladies and generally had a good time.

Saturday Kris stayed with Timothy so that I could go and spend the day sewing. I was able to finish all 16 squares for my hourglass quilt and put them all together. Now all I need is a field trip to Rapid City to pick out my border, binding, and backing fabrics...

I was also able to crank out a couple of these diaper changing pads for my sister and I. (another pinterest project that was free because the fabric was in my stash!) I have a heavy canvas on the outside and a lightweight flannel on the inside and I am happy with how they turned out. The pattern is here.

After coming home for dinner to check out the project at home and have dinner with Jared's parents before they took off, I went back for a little longer and cranked out 15 more stars for my wonky star quilt! 35 done, 62 to go....

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