Monday, October 17, 2011

Tree Pants

Here is an update on the Tree Pants (aka Christmas tree skirt) that I am working on. It is nice that we get a little bit of the instructions every is keeping me on track. The pictures are a little dark because it is absolutely dreary here today. I think we may have turned the corner and the fall weather is here to stay. We are supposed to get our first hard frost this week and highs only in the forties a couple of days too. To celebrate (and keep warm) we have declared it soup week. We kicked it off with tomato soup and tuna sandwiches for lunch and cheeseburger paradise soup for dinner. Amazing! Looking forward to this tomorrow and this later on in the week and lots of leftovers and soup going into the freezer for future meals!

I am also following a sew along for an advent calendar too. I am learning a lot and my sewing skills are definitely being challenged and growing. I am working on tracing all of the leaves and pears with stitching and lets just say that a couple of them are going to have to be ripped out and redone. :) I'll post pictures, the good and the bad, in a couple of days.


  1. I LOVE how this is turning out! I'm still hoping to get one done before Christmas but the past weeks have been crazy!

  2. It is flying by...I know you are really busy with everything else, but this shouldn't take you too long. :)