Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Advent Calendar

Here are the promised pictures of the advent calendar. I have now finished top stitching each leaf and pear, but only after ripping half of them out and starting them over. After seeing some of the other projects and how smooth the stitching was, I was thinking it was going to be easy. I was so wrong. Stitching around the curve of each shape, trying to be 1/8" from the edge was PAINFUL.

I should probably rip out a couple of my leaves and try a third time, but I think I am just going to leave it.

I need to let it be a beginning project and sit back.

Besides, I only have 6 other things going on right now and I need to move on...


This week's assignment is to cut all of the windows open, trace the openings on the stabilizer, attach the Bible verses on the stabilizer where they will show through the windows, and fuse the whole thing together. (This is easier than it sounds) Next Wednesday we will get the finishing instructions!

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