Sunday, October 2, 2011

finishing up pages and adding too

So, I vowed to myself that I am not allowed to make any more pages for Timothy's quiet book until the bits and pieces left on old pages were done.

I did pretty good.

I have only one page left undone, the car page, and I still haven't figured out what kind of cars to make yet. The only new page I have made since my vow is the back cover. Originally I wasn't going to do a back cover, but it would be nice to have some kind of strap to hold everything together. I am not finished with it quite has a lot of hand sewing (as you will see), so I'll post pictures later. You'll have to pardon the is after 8, so it is pitch black outside...

All of the fish are done!
The mailbox now has mail!
(not pictured...balloons are all trimmed, traffic light trimmed)

I did make a couple of pages before my vow and I haven't posted them yet, so here they are!

zipper page, a new obsession for my son.
They reveal a spaceship fabric underneath...I may make a removable ship for inside too.

texture page (much brighter in person, I promise)

Chick in an egg pocket. (saw it here first)

barn with...
finger puppets! (pattern here)

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