Thursday, October 6, 2011

sew alongs

I have discovered something that really intrigues me...the sew along. I know that they have been around for awhile, but I am new on the scene I guess. For those of you that are even farther behind than I am, or not involved in the crafting world, a sew along is when a group of people all do a project together and share the progress with comments and photos.

My first sew along was for a quiet book and I thought that it would keep me on track and motivated to finish it. Unfortunately, the creator of the group lost interest and it fell apart and I left the group, disappointed.

Just last week, I found a sew along on sew, mama, sew that I am really excited about and with 60 members on one project and 80 on a second, I am pretty sure that it will be a better experience. The first project is an advent calendar and every Wednesday during the month of October they are posting the next set of directions. So far, everything is cut out!

The second project is a tree pant ("because not all trees like to wear skirts) that has directions posted every Friday. So far, I have my fabric picked out.

I am killing two birds with one stone...improve my sewing skills and decorate the house for the holidays. I'll post more as I progress, because I know that this will also keep me on track. :)


  1. I thought about doing the advent calendar... I LOVE sewmamasew. One of my favorite sites. I want to do the tree pants one (a new skirt has been on my list for a while). How do I sign up?

  2. they are just posting the directions on their blog. To sign up and share pictures, you need to go to their flickr site and join the group. They have a link on the page where they gave all of the details about the projects.