Sunday, October 2, 2011

end of the season

We are officially done growing vegetables for the year. We had a couple of cold nights that toasted our plants, so Friday they came out. Jared ran the tiller around and then we added a couple more beds for next year. They will get a good mulching of leaves in a couple of weeks, bone meal, and another good tilling.

Is it sad that I already have an outline planned for the garden next spring? :) I am looking forward to getting our seed catalog in January and picking out a whole bunch of yummy produce! New things we are thinking about for next year...asparagus bed, rhubarb, garlic, pole beans, peas, and whatever else catches my fancy in the catalog.

I just processed the last of the zucchini for the 35 cups enough? That doesn't include the galloon freezer bag of ice cup zucchini puree or the 6 loaves of zucchini bread already baked and in the freezer too. :) I didn't mind tossing the last couple of zucchini we had left in the fridge...they were getting a little mushy and my arm was getting tired of grating.

The other big gardening news is that we finally have beautiful mums blooming! The entire front of our house is planted with mums and I have been very patiently waiting all summer to see what colors we would have. Along the long side of the porch, they are mostly orange with a couple of yellows, and on the short side are a couple of rusts, one purple, and one that is still tightly closed. So exciting! (hey, there is not much going on here) :)

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