Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tigger's new blanket

...I mean the Christmas tree pants. :)

Hey, at least I am being realistic. I even put a heavy canvas on the back because I don't want her to put her fat self down on it and rip it on the metal tree stand underneath. She does keep my feet warm at night, so I'll stop complaining about her now...

Almost done! I have officially machine quilted my first project. It has some wobbly lines (mostly because I am terrified that the quilting pen won't wash out after I am done), but I am really happy with it. All I need to do is cut a slit into the center with a circle for the trunk and bind it all together!

Yes, I have to cut into it now that I have finished it...also slightly terrifying...

And another picture of my helper, who is standing pretty well and starting to creep along the couch. I can't believe how fast he is growing and learning! I have a feeling he may walk before he crawls...but I think that is what happens when you have a feeding tube in your belly. We have such a wonderful physical therapist that comes to our house to work with him (a.k.a. show me what to do with him for the next week) as well as an awesome speech therapist.

Is it weird that we had to move out to the middle of ranch and farm land, 3 hours away from a major medical center, to actually get quality care?

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