Saturday, December 13, 2014

Timmy is four!

Lover of anything that moves on wheels or with four legs.  Always has a ball in his hands or between his feet.  Compassionate towards animals (especially Tigger) and teller of tall tales.  Will never turn down time on a lap with a good book and his blanket.  Loves M&Ms, cheese, and applesauce.  Becoming more independent everyday and loves to celebrate when a task is done.  He wanted brownies for his birthday, so he helped me make a pan and enjoyed the singing. :)

Getting marked on our ruler!  He is almost 37.5"!

We got some new toys and books and skyped with Papa, Nana, and Aunt Mindy in Michigan...

and we celebrated with Jared's family over Thanksgiving. (he was waaaaay too excited to get a non blurry picture)  :)

Not sure if he is deciding on which candle to blow out first, or figuring out how to grab the toy off of the cake without getting burned by the candles.

A full size soccer ball!  We have been out in the yard or at the city auditorium everyday, kicking it around.  Again, he is always moving with the ball and we were indoors, making it impossible to grab a decent photo.  But I am pretty sure you can pick up on the excitement. :)

And a little throwback to when he turned one!  (those cheeks!!!)

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