Saturday, December 27, 2014

Handmade Holidays, Part 3

I finished my mom's scarf and she loves it, yay!

Timmy actually plays with his new animal masks and campfire, yay!

I made this super cute manicure bag for one of our Sunday school teachers (they are awesome and get extra love in my book).  She loved it.  Yay!

Timmy picked out blue sparkly nail polish which she loves and she has room for 3 more along with a zipper pocket for a few supplies.  (here is a link if you want the pattern)

And I forgot to take pictures of the other Sunday school teacher's bag (a drawstring bag and crochet hook holder), the finished table runner, and my sister and brother-in-law's quilt.  I also am short one binding strip to finish my husband's quilt that he got on Christmas without the binding on.  Yay!

At least I still have my head on my shoulders.  :)

I'll take some pictures of Jared's quilt as soon as I buy one more piece of 2.5"wide fabric.  From the store in Spearfish where I bought the fabric back in June.  I already called and they still have some on the bolt (score!) and set it aside for me.  I love how helpful quilters are to each other!

And isn't this the cutest?!?!?  Timmy is working on his name and I think he did pretty well tracing the letters I put on each light.  I think he is finally leaning towards a dominate hand and he is going to be on team lefty with me!  Yay!  :)


  1. Double knitting! I have been thinking I want to do this, but it kind of scares me. I love the pattern you found (or did your make it up yourself?!).

    1. It is really not scary once you start; I watched a youtube video and that really helped. I found the pattern here:

  2. Love our fabric placement on the manicure bag, Sarah! And isn't it nice when the kids actually use the things we work so hard to make? ; ) Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Sarah! I love to see things played with; makes it worth it!