Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas decorating!

Timothy has been a great helper with the Christmas decorations going up, including a little wreath for his door!

This picture is blurry, but not only did Timmy get a wreath, but the cat got a little house out of the deal.  That is, until Timmy figured out that he could throw his football into the box and make a little game out of it.  I overheard him planning out drawing tiger teeth around the opening with his daddy.  :)  Not quite sure about how throwing a football into a tiger's mouth came about, but it is the greatest game since sliced bread around here!

Painting fun.  Still playing around with his left and right hands!

All done.  Don't ask me about the faces...all I ask for is a nice smile and this is what I get.  

And after 3.5 years of owning my camera, I have been learning about shooting in manual and getting some really cool effects, like the glowing tree!

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