Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lots of Little Things 2

Guess the following picture:

1.  Marshmallow shaped pincushion
2.  Torture Device (my fingers would agree with this one)
3.  A Hat

Answer is at the end!

I LOVE THESE BAGS.  :)  I made myself a set of three - I need a place to organize my Christmas projects that I still haven't they count as part of the gift making process, right?  Ok, no more little cute things for myself until I get some major gifting going on...

Oh look, another one of those bags.  :)  This one is a gift for a fun-loving college girl I know.  Don't you just love the pink zebra print?

Answer:  3.  A hat!  Actually, two chef hats.  One for my adorable nephew, Eli, who is getting a play kitchen for Christmas, and one for Timothy and being put away for later.  I figured that if I were going to make one, I should make two and get it done and over with.  And now my fingers only need to heal once.  :)  Two reversible aprons will be coming soon to match the hats.  

No more updates for a couple of days...heading to Sioux Falls tomorrow after church for Timothy's next GI appointment and meeting with the feeding therapists on Monday morning.  

Project Goals for the 6 hours in the car:

1. Bind Timothy's I Spy Quilt
2. Finish a dishrag (half done)
3. Sew buttons onto a travel case for Timothy (pictures soon)
4. Make a huge amount of Christmas hexagons...

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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