Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Spy Quilt

All done.  :)  Timothy's I Spy Quilt measures 41.5 x 54.5 after shrinking slightly in the wash and is oh so soft.  I hope that he enjoys looking at it and cuddling with it after he gets it for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  I couldn't have done this quilt without the help of the ladies in my quilt guild and for all of the scraps out of their stashes they gave me.  I had asked for squares while I was still pregnant and was planning to make a mixed boy/girl themed quilt...I went ahead and cut the girl fabrics up and have enough to make another quilt with the need arises someday.  Thanks for your generosity ladies!

The pattern is from In Color Order...I just made mine the size I wanted with 4" squares.  Now that I look at it, there are a few fabrics I would switch around, but it is also just nice to have it done and when he is dragging it all over the house, I hope that I am not going to notice.

The back is a farm print that also has lots to look at...



  1. Visiting from We did it wednesday. I have never seen an eyespy done in the cross style. I have just completed a boys cross quilt out of men's shirts. But this is awesome

  2. ohhh, free-motion quilting! was it difficult? i love the farm print. :)

    1. Now that I have practiced on a few, no. :) I recommend lots of doodling...just practice filling in squares with a meandering line...it helped me plan my quilting better and that was most of my problem.

  3. Scrap quilts are the best! What a great family heirloom!