Saturday, August 3, 2013

Party Animals

Ok, not really.  Jared and I spent the weekend at home, working on "putting up" food.  Why?  Because the second half of the summer, our squirrel half of our brain turns on and we see cold weather coming.

Ok, not really.  :)  We enjoy growing food and then eating it later.  It saves us a lot of money and is really healthy.  This is what we did.

Plum jam...what else are you going to do when you get 16 plums in your bountiful basket and can't possibly eat them all before they will spoil? We got 3.5 jars, a nice little batch.  (These were made earlier in the week)

I worked on a Christmas quilt for us.  It is a beautiful combination of cream, brown, red, aqua, and tan. I love it.  This should be done tonight!

In the meantime, Jared squeezed the life out of 2.5 gallons of chokecherries.  And made a mess.  :)  But we have 10 delicious cups of juice in our freezer that will become chokecherry jelly and syrup in the future.  Thanks to one of our church members for the chokecherries and to Jared for doing the dirty work!

Today, we picked half of the carrots, blanched them, and stuck them into freezer bags.  Jared and I picked, Timothy washed them with a hose.  :)  We are ready for pots of stews, soups, and pot roasts this winter.

Of course, we have the token weird carrot.  We think it kinda looks like a rocket ship!

Tomatoes are starting to come in!  Most of these are going to church in the morning to share...we are leaving tomorrow and we don't have time to deal with them.  Yay for sharing the bounty!

One of our buttercup squash plants completely died.  We are not sure is such a strange summer with the cooler weather and large amounts of bugs.  We found 6 awesome squash amongst the dead foliage and these beauties sunbathed on our deck furniture for the afternoon.  They will be roasted, scooped out and enjoyed or frozen to be enjoyed later!

So, I finished this quilt, but I dropped it off to Nancy to be quilted before I took a picture of the completed top.  Oops!  :)  You'll just have to wait until I get it back.  Trust me, it was awesome.  The pic above is the final layout of all 36 stars.  I can't wait!

No news on the adoption yet.  Praying hard for our birth family, future baby, and our nerves and we ask for you to join us!  We still have about $7,000 to sock away, so we are doing what we can with our budget, using the amazon tool to the right to raise some funds, and I am crafting away.  Hoping to give you an update soon, but first we are vacationing for a few days in Omaha.  Pictures coming when we get home!

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